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Fantastic books, brilliant reviews, wonderful werewolves,
poncey poodles, scary bits, hilarious bits, exciting bits…
it’s all 100% here.

Hi guys I’m Jayne Lyons and welcome to all of you who haveJayne Lyons found your way onto my website! If you’re just here by accident, why not explore a bit and learn about me and Freddy Lupin – the World’s Most Useless Werewolf. Freddy stars in my series about him and his disastrous adventures. 100% Wolf, 100% Hero and 100% Doggie. Click on the little wolf prints to find out more, and read the absa-totalutely fantabulous reviews.

If you want to know stuff about me, like how come my hair’s so nice and yet I still put gross out moments in my stories, then click on that paw-print. You can find out here when I am next appearing to talk. And don’t forget to visit my favourite naughty boy, in Freddy Lupin’s World. Read the naughty and adventurous stuff he gets up to, in his blog, and find out just why he thinks he’s so great. And if you are in Facebook, then why not become a fan of Freddy on his fansite 100% Wolf. Send him emails – he loves them and always replies. If you want to know more about werewolves and find some really cools links, click on The Hidden Moonlight Gathering paw-print. But be warned – it can be a bit scary. However, if you just want a laugh – check out the poodles!!!!

Guys, what are you waiting for, the next full moon? Check it - out have fun! And tell everyone you know how 100% great Freddy is.


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