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    Ten Things About Me
  • Jayne is my real name, Lyons is not - but no-one can spell my real name so I use this instead.
  • I was born in Liverpool, in the UK, just over 21 years ago
  • My dad died when I was 5 weeks old.
  • My mum is called Mermie and she got married again when I was ten
  • I have two lovely sisters called Faye and Anna, who make me cry with laughter
  • I have a husband called Angus who tells the same jokes over and over and I laugh every time.
  • I have a very cute daughter called Rosie, who doesn't get the jokes.
  • I have a silver scooter that I love (click here to see photo)
  • My hair is blonde and goes curly in rain (not good)
  • I moved to Australia four years ago and am now a citizen.
  • I have to work full time to pay the bills and buy food, which really gets in the way of being a famous author. So please tell all your friends to buy my books so I don't have to work any more!
 Things I love
  • My Family
  • Writing books
  • Watching Films
  • Playing tennis - although I'm rubbish
  • Beautiful hills and valleys
  • Cooking and eating
  • Dark chocolate
  • Singing and dancing
  • Drinking wine - only a little bit
  • Laughing with my friends

 Things that make me laugh
  • Farts - especially by someone who thinks they're important
  • Australlias funniest videos
  • My sisters - they are so silly
  • Rosie when she doesn't get her dad's jokes.
  • Her dad's bad jokes
  • Personalised number plates on cars. Why oh why do they do it? My favourite is MR COOL. Doesn't he know that calling yourself cool means you aren't? Except for me.
  • Silly names. - Like Jane Butthead (she really did exist!)

Things I hate
  • Brussels sprouts - had to sneak them home from school lunch in my pockets.
  • Mushy peas - very soggy in pockets
  • Broad beans - yuk
  • Dumplings - vomit
  • Kidneys - puke
  • Eggs - revolting
  • Butter -urgg
  • Fussy people - I would never fuss so much
  • Try-hards (although sometimes I am one)
  • Know-alls (although sometimes I am one)
  • People who won't have a good laugh.

Things that scare me

  • Huntsman spiders.  They say don’t be scared if it bites, they aren’t poisonous. Hello!!!!  I would die of  heart attack, it doesn’t need to poison me!
  • Crocodiles
  • Sharks
  • Jellyfish
  • Blue ringed octopus
  • Red backs
  • But worst than all of these are clowns!
  • Street performers - especially mime people.
  • In fact pretty much everything scares me.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did you first start writing?
Well, I guess I’ve always written stories, but I was totally rubbish at finishing stuff because I’m too lazy, or I’d get bored half way through and start another story.  Like if I had homework to do at school, I’d always leave it till the last possible minute, or accidentally lose it, or the dog puked on it, or an alien stole it.  And I would read all the time, only never the book we were supposed to be reading for English.  And I still have nightmares now about turning up to class and not having done my homework!  So anyway I wanted to write a book  to prove that I could finish something and stick at it all the way through.  So I did

Why write for children?
Well, I don’t just write children’s books, I have so many ideas that I write for whatever age group suits the idea.  But I love the fact that you guys have such great imagination.  It gives the writer lots of freedom.  If you wrote a book for grown ups about werewolves, they’d be going, yeah, but how does he have time to turn into a wolf, he has to do the washing up, and who cleans up the mess after them?   And if a child goes into a wardrobe and discovers another world then they go into it, become a king or queen and have famous adventures.  A dad would go to Bunnings to get stuff to fix the hole and a mum would start making a packed lunch.  That’s why children are more fun.

How did I decide what the story was about?
Well, I have to be honest, I can't quite remember.  I know that I first wanted to write a story about dogs escaping a prison, but that didn’t seem quite enough.  Then I thought about werewolves and that sounded a bit more fun, because they’re scary, and spooky, and can be people too.  Then I wanted the story to be funny so I thought, what do we think about werewolves, well, they’re big, they’re scary, they’re mean, they’re frightening – see the Hidden Moonlight Gathering.  So what’s the total opposite of all that… a poodle, and especially a pink poodle with a hairstyle.   And that made me laugh, and after that I was on a roll.

What is the theme of the book?
A theme of a book, means, what kind of stuff did I really care about.  What was I thinking about when I was writing?  Well this book is reminding you about prejudice, ignorance and intolerance.  In Freddy’s world, the Werefolk have to be stay secret.  They are called the Hidden Moonlight Gathering of Werefolk.  If Dr Foxwell Cripp could find them, he would shoot them with a silver bullet without ever waiting to find out if Freddy is a nice boy or not.


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