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The Hidden Moonlight Gathering of Werefolk

“Werewolves have a nasty and terrifying reputation and though this is unfair they must live in secret, for humans can be ignorant and suspicious. Some, like the dreaded Dr Foxwell Cripp, can be downright dangerous. It was he who had discovered that Freddy’s father was a werewolf and shot him with a silver bullet. Every werepup listened in terror to tales of the evil Dr Cripp.’

We all know the words to describe werewolves: terrifying, fierce, evil, unnatural, vicious, savage, killers! Just look at the photos.
werewolf character
You see what I mean? You’d hardly feel happy if you knew a boy in your class was one would you. And I mean, you wouldn’t invite him to your party because he’d eat all the sausage and your best friend Johnny Smith. A bit embarrassing when Johnny’s mum come to fetch him and all you can hand over is Johnny's arm and some cake…


Check out these links, if you don’t believe how scary they are.

and click HERE for some werewolf images from Google.

But hang on… Have you actually met a werewolf?? Or are you just believing gossip and rumours? Dr Cripp you see, has never even met a Werewolf and yet he believes everything he has read in stories and seen on films. And this ignorance and prejudice is what makes the life of a werewolf so precarious. Who says that Werewolves are savage and fearsome and dangerous? Perhaps a werewolf is no more dangerous than you or I. Because this is how the Werefolk actually see themselves, as noble, dignified beautiful beasts, who are no more likely to eat little Johnny than you or I.

So if we meet a werewolf perhaps we should give them a chance.

Howling wolfwolf in the grass

Check out these wolf conservation sites – These are my favourites.
and click HERE for some wolf pics

Guys, check out these amazing clips of wolves in the wild

Facts about the Hidden Moonlight Gathering:

“A werewolf is only actually a wolf for one night each month, when the moon is full. Anyone can tell when a wolf is a wolf, but how exactly do you spot a boy who is a wolf? That is the challenge for a wolf hunter, as Dr Foxwell Cripp would tell anyone who would listen to him (which wasn’t many people). One clue is to look for hairs growing in the palm of the hand. Frederick Poncenby Lupin had them. Right there, a little black tuft in the middle of each palm.”

“Now and then, throughout history, Werefolk have married humans. As a result, some children – called the Fangen – will transform into wolves, but others are almost human and will not. They are called Werens. There were four Fangen in Freddy’s Werepack: Freddy, his father, Uncle Hotspur and Aunt Helda (who had heard the Final Howl years before). Harriet and Chariot were Werens, their palms were perfectly pink and smooth and they would never transform. There are no rules about who will or won’t become wolves.”

“The Hidden Moonlight Gathering of Werefolk is held only twice a year. It was far too dangerous for the Werefolk to meet more often. The gatherings were held at Farfang or else at the home of another member of the Fang Council”.

“It was against all the rules of the Hidden Moonlight Gathering to ever reveal your true identity to a human”

The ancient chant of the Werefolk

‘Now is the Grand Growling and High Howling of the Hidden Moonlight Gathering of Werefolk. We howl thanks for the ancient magic of the Moonstone. Now, by the power of the silver moon, let the Transwolfation begin!

The Hidden Moonlight Gathering of Werefolk
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